Prepping for Performance Week Tips

Hi everyone, today I wanted to talk about some of my performance tips to help keep me calm the week of a performance. Stage fright, and being nervous is something I believe we all can relate to. How many of us have felt those last-minute nerves kick in? I know I definitely have!

1.) Sleep & Healthy Eating

I always make sure to get plenty of sleep and prep ahead especially when I have a lot of shows coming up. My schedule can get so busy and hectic. In the past, I have put many things off to the last minute and end up not sleeping enough trying to get myself prepared. A good night’s rest always ensures that I’m ready to go the next day, and feel energized for rehearsal. I also make sure to pack healthy snacks and prep any meals that I will need to get me through the day. My days can start as early as 8:30 am sometimes and finish as late as 8:30 pm!

My go to snacks include Greek yogurt, I love the Icelandic Skyr Brand, light cheese sticks, bananas, quest bars. I try to eat more protein-based food too keep me feeling light and not too full! Starving yourself and trying to lose weight the week of, is never a good idea, and will result in negative effects. You have to have your full energy to properly keep up with a demanding schedule.

2.) Knowing your music and videoing yourself.

I love to listen to my show music in the car, or any extra free time I have. Knowing the music by soul makes me feel comfortable in always knowing my choreography and not blanking out on stage. Dancing on-stage should be enjoyable and the time you get to fully express what character you are portraying. Knowing every aspect of your character and the music can help with feeling confident on stage. I also love to video myself during rehearsal. Our coaches guide us and tell us what looks best, but I have always found in addition to that, watching myself on tape helps enhance their corrections and allows me to apply them properly. We are our best teachers, and sometimes we need to see exactly what they are talking about.

3). Packing a survival dance bag.

The last thing I always make sure to have is a dance bag filled with everything I possibly can need. You never know what might happen at the studio, and its best to have whatever you may need handy in case an emergency happens. I always prep my pointe shoes and make sure to have a few pairs to choose from. I secure my ribbons and elastics to ensure they won’t break while I dance. A sewing kit is essential! Last-minute stitches have happened to me, I have plenty of needle and thread ready to go! I also keep backups of toe supplies. I normally do not get blisters, but I always have band-aids, blister band-aids (which are my life-saver!!!), and toe tape ready to go. I have a pretty big dance bag so I am able to fit everything I need. Other things include foot booties, extra tights leos, hair supplies, and my mac-book. I edit music and sometimes need to make arrangements last minute and have a back up of music tracks just in case!

I hope you enjoyed reading today’s blog and if you have anything else to add please comment or message us! We would love to hear your thoughts.

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