Russian Ballet Orlando is Proud to Announce a New Partnership with Virtisse

Russian Ballet Orlando is proud to announce a partnership with Virtisse, the new official pointe shoe of Russian Ballet Company.

Russian Ballet Orlando and Virtisse have partnered together to provide and promote the outstanding Russian made pointe shoes created by Virtisse. RBO’s professional company will be outfitted with pointe shoes provided monthly by Virtisse

, which creates the best products based on function and durability. Virtisse also prides itself on the ability for performing artists to freely express their movement in their shoes.

“We could not be happier to partner with Virtisse to provide our dancers with the best possible shoes on the market. Virtisse has created the epitome of a perfect pointe shoe, crafted to fit our ballerina’s modern forms.” -Katerina Fedotova, Artistic Director of RBO.

Vertisse was created by three women ready to revolutionize the pointe shoe industry. Inspired by their own experience and research they created pointe shoes made for the modern ballerina. They fully consider the box shape, platform, vamp, width, shank, and binding for every shoe they create to best serve every type of dancer.

To launch the partnership, Virtisse Master Pointe Shoe Fitter, Judy Weiss, will be coming to Orlando to personally fit each dancer in Russian Ballet Company, the professionals, apprentices, trainees, and students. Director Katerina Fedotova will continue to personally fit each dancer to ensure the correct fit for the safety of each performer.

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About Russian Ballet Orlando

Russian Ballet Orlando’s mission is to enrich, engage and educate students, performers, and audiences in the art of dance. Through the education and training of our diverse group of students and pre-professional dancers in the history of ballet and the performing arts, we strive to transform them into professional dancers ready to fill the ranks of leading ballet companies. By engaging and entertaining audiences with our originally choreographed productions around the local community and the state, we foster our community’s love and support of dance, creativity, and the performing arts.

About Virtisse

The Virtisse story begins with three women, each one from a different background but each one with a unified vision, to create the best pointe shoe for a new generation of ballet dancers using science, industry expertise, and a whole lot of grit. Tired of disenfranchisement, the three of us came together to break boundaries and transform the pointe shoe industry.

Although we are new to the market, we have over thirty years of experience to answer the question “Who are you”? We are a woman-run and woman-owned company with a passion for ballet. Our mission is to collectively shine a new and unconventional light on the ballet world and embrace those who may feel and experience non-conforming treatment. Together, along with our shared and beloved dance community, we present Virtisse.

Virtisse is the realization of our vision and we are thrilled to bring these extraordinary pointe shoes to the dance world.

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