Summer Intensive 2022: June 27th - July 30th

Russian Ballet Orlando is a professional company supported by a Vaganova academy.  We pride ourselves in training and preparing the most driven young talent and leading them into the professional world of ballet.  Every summer we offer the most exclusive intensive with talent chosen through national auditions to train, and we offer the opportunity to prepare a full-length classical production and present it as the end of the Summer Showcase.  In addition, RBO considers all summer participants for RBO Company contracts.


RBO also invites world-renowned Artistic Directors as guest teachers to work and observe the participants throughout the intensive for a potential invitation with their companies. Multiple Artistic Directors will fly in for the final presentation of La Bayadere to observe the performing talent, thereby giving all students multiple opportunities to further their ballet opportunities and careers.

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Summer Master Teachers

Katerina Fedotova

Artistic Director

Russian Ballet Orlando


Master Teacher
Russian Ballet Orlando

 profIrina Depler.png

Ballet Master

Russian Ballet Orlando


Artistic Director
Carolina Ballet


Ballet Master

Russian Ballet Orlando

Katerina Fedotova

Artistic Director

Russian Ballet Orlando


Professional Division


*Video auditions are accepted until the program is filled. 

Audition Requirements 

Barre (Men and Women) 
3 - 5 minutes of basic barre combinations
(Tendu, Jeté, Fondu, Adagio, etc.)

Center (Men and Women)
Adagio, Pirouette, Petit Allegro, Grand Allegro

Men and Women ages 13+ are required to submit Classical Variation. No Contemporary work is needed.

Audition Results 
Email results will be provided to the parent email on file.
Please make sure all information is correct.


The Summer Intensive is designed to develop advanced-level techniques and artistry.  Selected dancers will experience the environment of a professional performing company.  Within the 5-week intensive, dancers will take daily ballet technique classes, pointe, variations, partnering, contemporary, and stretch conditioning Monday - Friday while preparing a full classical production of La Bayadere. The production will take place in the Historic Polk Theatre in Lakeland, Florida. All dancers participating in the summer program will perform in La Bayadere.

Russian Ballet Orlando is the only professional company in the nation that offers dancers a full 12 month paid contract.  Our Summer Intensive "professional division" will be training with RBO Company dancers throughout the whole summer.  At the end of the Intensive production of La Bayadere, we will grant up to 10 dancers a spot in the 2022/2023 Company Season.

Performance/acting/awareness/coordination on stage is a part of every dancer's training. It is a skill that is trained separately from daily technique classes.  Character development of every role takes weeks if not months to prepare and a lifetime to master. 

There are three (3) Intensive Divisions (starting age 10+). Acceptance is by in-studio or video audition:

  • Professional (15+)

  • Preparatory (13+)

  • Primary (9+)

Russian Ballet Orlando does not place dancers by age, but by skills and abilities.  ​Dancers are placed at the appropriate level based on their audition performance.  

Example:  A thirteen-year-old skilled dancer has a chance to be placed in the Professional Division.

Week 1:  Dancers will be taking all of the technique classes and will be under close observation for casting.  You will learn and practice all the main classical male and female variations along with corps de ballet group choreography of the ballet. Casting for La Bayadere will be revealed at the end of the week.

Weeks 2 - 4 will include guest Artistic Directors teaching master classes and observing and assisting with the rehearsal process.

Week 2: Dancers will be taking all of the below classes and will be learning all the corps-de-ballet choreography of the performance.  Private coaching will begin for soloist and principal roles.  

Week 3/4:  Dancers will be taking all of the below classes, rehearsing their parts, and working on performance scenes.  Scenes fuse the production together to tell the story of the ballet and are one of the most challenging parts of every production. 

Week 5:  The last week is the most exciting one, where we finalize the performance and perfect the final details.  Run-throughs and dress rehearsals will take place all week long.

-Daily Vaganova "Russian Method" class



-Men Class

-Men Variation Class

-Pas-de-Deux (partnering)



-Character and Historical Dance


-Private Lessons - included in the intensive package for dancers who get chosen for Soloist/Principal roles.

All intensives require a $45 application fee and a non-refundable $100 tuition deposit due at registration no later than March 26th, 2022 to reserve your space.  Spaces are limited and your place won't be guaranteed after this date. International students will be required to produce their flight confirmation by May 31 to secure their spot.

5-Week Professional Intensive:

  • Registration Fee:                $45

  • 5-week tuition:                    $2250 (Weekly - $500 Per Week))

  • Housing (optional)             $1950

For students who will have a parent accompanying them for the intensive,  you can make arrangements through our office.

5-Week Preparatory Intensive:

  • Registration Fee:                $45

  • 5-week tuition:                    $1800 (Weekly - $400 Per Week)

  • Housing (optional)             $1950

For students who will have a parent accompanying them for the intensive,  you can make arrangements through our office.

5-Week Primary Intensive:

  • Registration Fee:                $45

  • 5-week tuition:                    $1575 (Weekly - $350 per week)

  • Housing (optional)             $1950

For students who will have a parent accompanying them for the intensive, you can make arrangements through our office.


Daily Curriculum