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Odette, Nikiya, or Kitri (BFF, Frenemy, or Jealous??!)

Odette, Nikiya, or Kitri (BFF, Frenemy, or Jealous??!)

I feel like a lot of people don’t particular like the classical ballets, because they don’t know them! Or, maybe they think the themes or ideas are too old, and only meant for old, rich people to watch with those tiny, little binoculars.


Classical ballets are full of drama! Crazy ex-boyfriends, jealous friends, it’s basically the Bravo network, except with pointe shoes and a full orchestra.

So, I thought it would be fun to “humanize” some of our favorite girls from Swan Lake, La Bayadère, and Don Quixote. What would they be like if they were next to you at the barre in class? Would they be fun to hang out with? Would you be friends, or hate her!? Lets find out..

Odette: “The Swan Queen.” She used to be a princess, so, you know, high maintenance. She is super innocent, and falls victim to Rothbart’s curse. She’s made to be a swan all day, and only allowed to be a human woman at night. So, even though she may have been a little high-maintance from her royal upbringing, I still feel super bad for her. I’m going to go with: BFF.

Nikiya: She’s super pretty, and every guy wants her and every girl wants to be her. Nikiya is a “temple dancer”, from India. I’m not here to talk about how much I love this ballet, but wow, I really love this ballet! Anyways, Nikiya, she’s super into this guy named Solor, but the leader of the temple, the High Brahmin wants Nikiya for himself. So, he (The High Brahmin), does everything he can to make sure her and Solor can’t end up together. Any “The Hills” fans out there? Think Spencer Pratt as the High Brahmin, and he literally destroys Heidi’s life and every guy that likes her so she can only date him. So, let me get to my decision about Nikiya. Even though she can’t end up with her boo, I still am voting: Frenemy.

Kitri: SHE. IS. THE. INSTAGRAM. MODEL. OF. HER. TIME! Kitri is the girl who goes to Cochella, and only wears Free People and Lululemon. But, she could probably wear K-Mart Leggings and look just as good. In the ballet her dad wants her to marry the guy that he likes for her, but she is just so independent, so decides to go her own way. Ugh, this is an easy decision for me: super Jealous!

So, don’t think that these classical ballets are just for old people to enjoy, they are literally TrueBlood and VampireDiaries, just without the Vampires. Instead, we have crazy jealous guys, creepy ex-boyfriends and classic daddy’s girls.

Written by Nicole Powers (@nikki.powers)

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