Exercises to try at home!

If you've ever attended a class at the Russian Ballet Orlando you have more than likely done one or all these infamous exercises. Here are our top three picks to try at home!

1) Floor Back Exercises

This exercise focuses on building back muscles, tightens your glutes, placement and perfecting that arabesque! This exercise is intense and you will definitely be feeling it the next day. Try at home or grab a friend the next time you're in the studio to try these out! I recommend starting off at 20 and then gradually building your way up to 40 and 60. Try to hold for 10 or 20 seconds on the last one.

Lay down on your stomach with arms in third position. Have someone either sit on your feet or you can place your feet under a couch or anything with you a little opening to put just your feet under. Lift your body up and lower down without changing your square and body posture.

2) Barre Back Exercise

This exercise is similar to the floor version, but is more advanced & intense. If you find the floor exercise easy this is the one for you! Place your leg in crosse arabesque at the barre, lift arms to third position and lower down to the ground as much as possible without messing up your posture. The challenge with this is to not allow your arms to leave third position or touch or the floor and maintain a straight supporting leg. At home you can find anything ninety degrees or higher to try this one out!

3) Relevé Combination

Relevés are essential to building ankle, calf, and leg strength. This exercise we will be repeating in sets of 4 or 8. Start off in Coupe Front, lower down on a straight leg and rise up. Repeat 4 times, then transition up to Passé front. Make sure your knee is turned out and supporting leg is lowering flat, not rolling forward and keeping all 5 toes on the ground! Repeat to Passé back and coupe back!

Tag us in some of your home or studio videos! We would love to see them.

Written by Marissa Smith

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