RBO is excited to offer a safe facility for parents looking for after-school options. Qualified teachers will be supervising students' daily school assignments prior to students participating in ballet class or going home at 6 pm. 

How does it work?


  • At 3:30 students will be picked up from Hillcrest Elementary and walked back to the Russian Ballet where they will have time to sit down with an instructor and begin homework for the afternoon.

  • If students do not have homework they have the options of crafts, reading, watching rehearsals, and more. 

  • 30 minutes prior to ballet class students will pack up their items and change into their ballet uniforms before heading to the proper studio. 

A qualified instructor will oversee the students as they work. Please note this is to provide assistance only; students will need to engage in their assignments as required. Your dancer is responsible for packing their ballet uniform with them in their school bag. If any items are missing they can be purchased in the RBO store prior to class. 

Aftercare is $180 per month after ballet enrollment. Students are to be picked up after their ballet class ends or before 6 pm. 

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