Act 1

Nikiya - Barbara Mel Pereira 
Solor - Romulo Castilho
High Brahmin- Kaique Barbosa

Fire Dance - Davi Chagas 
with Valentina Mello, Victory Hayes

Tiana Gowen, Lucy Knappenberger

Maddie Powell, Julianna Reyes, Haylee Hunt, Daniel Hepworth, Zhanna Darius, Mia Wang


Act 2:

Gamzatti- Madison Braaksma
Rajah- Frank Shaw
Golden Idol - Kaique Barbosa with

Valentina Mello, Victory Hayes

Tiana Gowen, Lucy Knappenberger

Maddie Powell, Julianna Reyes, Haylee Hunt, Daniel Hepworth, Zhanna Darius, Mia Wang

Drum Dance - Davi Chagas and Joy Redington with Sarah Santos, Anastasia Atayants, Ana Carolina Miranda, Kaitlin Carrero, Jeremy Mikaelson, Caleb Hepworth

Pas D'Action - Mayara Veronezi, Amanda Arnaud, Kali Schmeltzer, Beverly Abbott, Jeremy Mikaelson, Caleb Hepworth

Act 3:

Shades - Mayara Veronezi, Amanda Arnaud, Kali Schmeltzer, Beverly Abbott, Arianna Fleischman, Kaitlin Carrero, Michela Chiroli, Anastasia Atayants, Miriam Gildea, Jolin Crabtree, Joy Redington, Andressa Garcia, Catherine Sistrunk, Mariana Coelho, Kamily Depine, Ana Carolina Miranda, Sarah Santos


Act I, Scene I

On his way back from a tiger hunt, noble warrior Solor hurries back to meet his beloved bayadére Nikiya, a temple dancer, guardian of the sacred fire. Secretly lovers, they have planned to run away together. When Solor promises his undying love to her, the High Brahmin, who is spying on them, becomes insanely jealous. Also in love with her, he swears to take revenge.

Act I, Scene II

At the palace, the Rajah offers the hand of his daughter Gamzatti to Solor. Held by his oath to Nikiya, he does not want to accept but is obliged to obey the Rajah's will. The High Brahmin reveals the secret relationship between Solor and Nikiya to the Rajah. Overhearing their conversation, Gamzatti announces to Nikiya her engagement to Solor so that she can renounce him. Nikiya refuses and the two rivals fight violently.

Act II

During Solor and Gamzatti's engagement, Nikiya, who can hardly hide her grief, dances sadly. Whens she receives a basket of flowers she believes is coming from Solor, she immediately begins a merry and joyful dance. She does not know that the gift actually comes from the Rajah and the High Brahmin, who hid a poisonous snake in the flower basket. The bayadére holds the basket against her and is bitten on the neck. The High Brahmin offers her an antidote but Nikiya refuses and would rather die than live without Solor.


Solor, inconsolable, seeks refuge in his dreams. As he slumbers, he sees ghostly figures looming in the darkness, coming down from the mountain. Among them is Nikiya. Solor loses contact with reality and follows his beloved into the Kingdom of the Shades.


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