Top Three Leotard Brands!

Written by RBO Company Dancer Marissa Smith

Today I thought it would be fun to talk about my favorite leotard brands!! I have way too many leotards to count and would love to hear your opinions on what brands you like as well!!!

3) Wear Moi!

I love my Wear Moi leotards, they keep an elegant & classical look which I find very appealing for dance. Not only do they come in a variety of colors and styles they are so comfortable! Every time I wear this brand, I cant get over how soft and fitting they are! The material also last forever, I have had some of my Wear Mois for over 10yrs and they still fit and feel just as I got them on day 1!

For the full history and their gallery take a look at this link! Very interesting history on how they got to where they are today!

Insta @WearMoiDancewear

2) Barreto Dance wear

My second pick is a brand that was actually created by principal dancer of Ballet Idaho, Elizabeth Barreto. I bought my first leotard 6 years ago due to all of my friends raving about her brand! Not only does she sell leotards, she actually sells skirts and male tights as well! I love her variety of styles, and how customizable they are as well! My leotards have also lasted great, have not faded, and are very form fitting!

Here is a link to find a little more information about her company and gallery as well!

Insta @BarretoDancewear

1) Yumiko Dancewear

My number one leotard brand has got to be Yumiko! Yumiko has been a part of the dance community since 2002 and I can't get enough of her leotards! Yumiko was such a big trend, everyone wanted to have one and for its time, they were the only leotards you could customize and make your own! I remember even 10 to 15 years ago if you had a yumiko as a teenager it was a pretty big deal! Not only are they one of the most form fitting and comfortable leotards, I do love the variety of styles and colors you can mix and match from! I can wear a Yumiko any day and I will feel confident and motivate in the classroom! I was once myself a Yumi-Girl as well which was a great program that allowed one or two students from each school or company to represent and sell leotards for the brand! I own probably 20 or 30 Yumikos which I still wear to this day!

Visit their website for more details and how Yumiko was created!

Instagram @Yumiko

So those are my top three picks! It was hard to choose because now we have SO MANY OPTIONS and brands out there! I wish could name them all, but for today I will leave with you with these three!

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