Ms.Marissa’s favorite ballet class combinations!

Ballet class is essential to a dancers career and maintaining technique, flexibility and stamina.

I love taking classes and staying in shape. Across the floor and center work are my favorite. I love putting pointe shoes on for center work.


Pirouettes are my favorite combination to do in class. I love turns! I prefer en dehors

“outside” or “outward,” turns over en dedans (In wards) I have always been a natural turner. Fouettes, Attitude turns, and pique turns make it on my list of favorite turns as well.

Petit Allegro with beats

Petit Allegro has been a favorite of mine since I was younger. Small jumps added with beats are so fun and exciting for me! For a fun challenge, reversing the combination keeps my brain working and coordination on pointe as well too.

Grand Allegro

And lastly, grand allegro makes the list as well! Grand allegro feels like flying! I love moving and dancing across the floor. This part in class is the most rewarding and exhilarating. Not to mention a great stamina workout! Saut de cha, Tombé Coupé Jeté, Entrelacé, are a few of my favorites just to name a few!

So what are your favorite combinations in the center. I'd love to hear them!

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