"Is it too late to start dancing?"

In today’s blog, I wanted to go over some tips for students who are in their teens who are wanting to start dancing. I remember growing up and being told constantly that if you didn’t start ballet at a young age then you have “no chance”, “will never make it” and so on. As I have grown up and have dived into the world of teaching I have seen that this is NOT TRUE. The number of dedicated students I have seen turn professional and starting dancing at a later age is incredible. Today I wanted to share a personal story of one of our former professional dancers, and tips on how to get started if you are interested in dancing!

One of our most talented dancers in the company was Student Jeanna Snyder, she began dancing at the age of 13 with the Russian Ballet Orlando with only minimal dance experience. She auditioned for our Summer Intensive and participated in our end of summer showcase in Cinderella as a minimal role. As she started into the new season, her school was walkable, and was able to be at the academy almost every day. For about a year she would walk over, find studio space, and learn different variations off of youtube, practice class, and try her best at learning all there was to ballet. In addition to attending class multiple times per week, after a year of hard work, she was promoted to her first solo in the Nutcracker as the Snow Queen. The following year she was promoted to Clara/Sugarplum in one of our smaller shows, and from there on she continued to shine and grow on stage performing lead roles in shows including, La Bayadere, Giselle, Coppelia, and Don Quixote!

All of this was done within a matter of 6 years of dancing starting at age 13. Her dedication and hard work paid off. Here are a few tips I give to all aspiring dancers looking to get started!

1. Research Dance Schools

A dance school that offers what you’re looking for will be at your best benefit. I recommend calling the school and explaining your dance history. If it sounds positive and promising of you started and encouraging don’t be afraid to schedule that class and see how you do! A fitting dance school will encourage and place you accordingly. Don’t be afraid to speak your voice!

2. Attend any extra classes you can!

This is a big one for me. I believe that in addition to your scheduled classes, see what other options there are. Even myself, I was always attending any extra classes I could. Whether they were with a lower level below me or even an adult class I wanted it all! Communication with your teacher is essential, and also show you dedication and eagerness to learn and grow.

3. Enroll in private lessons

Private lessons are costly of course, but if you are able to afford a few to catch you up it is one of the greatest ways to really focus exactly on what needs to be done for you. In these lessons, the attention is one on one and the teacher is able to build exercises and correct based on what is best for you! I highly recommend seeing what options there are with privates in addition to consistent training!

Thank you for joining us on today's blog!!! If you have any other questions or blog ideas please comment below or message us!! Remember it's not too late to dance and anyone can get started!

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