Importance of Dance Uniforms

Most students joining ballet are excited to wear pretty tutus and dance on stage! Being united and matching on stage is a key component in having a performance that is both visually pleasing and professional! It’s important to remember that it is not only the “stage-ready” look that we value, but the classroom attire as well. The importance of a dance school uniform is not always understood, but below is why the Russian Ballet Orlando School follows a strict dress code in all levels!

Eliminating Distractions & Class Unity

Even from our youngest class, all students are required to wear a uniform. Uniforms create unity and teamwork in the classroom. For our youngest students 3 - 5yrs, this allows our students to avoid distractions and have their attention completely focused on the teacher. It also begins to teach and develop working as a group and team. When all students look the same, they are able to connect and be on the same page in class. This also eliminates distractions within the student. Students wear a fitted leotard and tights with hair neatly pulled up. At the end of every class when students show good behavior, they have fun “tutu time” and get to pick a tutu to dance around to their favorite songs!

Muscle Development

As we move into our 6 - 9 year old groups, these students follow a different dress code. Traditionally in the Russian Vaganova Method, students just beginning training do not wear tights, only bobby socks, ballet shoes and leotards, almost as in gymnastics! The main reason behind this is, is to allow the student to see proper muscle development. At this age it is very important for the student to be able to see their own muscles, and to be able to identify on their own how their placement should look. Of course our teachers guide the students, but this age is very crucial in building proper muscle memory for years to come. The fundamentals of the Vaganova Method are introduced!


As we get to our older students, professionalism and respect in the classroom is everything. When students walk into the classroom, they should already have a mindset that is ready to work, listen and respect. Respect can come in all sorts, respecting the space, our classmates and their teacher! When this atmosphere is created all distractions are gone, and a sense of professionalism is brought into the room. Even in the upper levels, uniforms do as well create unity and a bond between the group. Feeling like a dancer in class can change a positive shift in students confidence and attitude!

Following a dress code can truly change the whole atmosphere and overall performance within the classroom! Our dancers perform with confidence and develop professionalism at a young age at the Russian Ballet Orlando! Does your school require a uniform?

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