Ghosts, Vampires, and all en pointe!? Aahhh!

Ghosts, Vampires, and still en pointe?! Oh my!

Can you believe that the ballet world has some spooky stories? Believe it. Ghosts, vampires, fangs, blood, and all those scary characters you would see out trick-or-treating, you can find on stage, too!

Here are a few of my spooky ballet favorites:

Dracula: Even if you didn’t know the original story of Dracula, I think the ballet version adds a little something more, amongst the pirouettes and jetés. The story opens with Dracula coming to life and feeding on a young man to gain strength. Then, the brides of Dracula emerge and start to terrorize the town. And, what would a ballet be without a love story, right? Well, Dracula is no exception. He falls for a young girl, and I won’t give anything away but, I’m sure you know what happens when you fall in love with a vampire (excluding Twilight)?

Giselle: Not as scary as Dracula, but definitely spookier! No vampires here, but plenty of ghosts and evil spirits instead. Yes, we have our ‘normal’ love story, but imagine loving someone so much that you die from heartbreak if he ghosts you? I’m not sure if Albrecht stopped answering Giselle’s DM’s but he was deceitful, evil, and all-around terrible. The second act of the ballet has a bunch of ghosts and the spirit of Giselle haunting Albrecht (good for you girl!)

Since we can’t go to our normal Halloween parties this year, snuggle up on the couch with your favorite candy and search for any of these ballets on Amazon, you won’t be disappointed.

Oh, and when you’re ready to burn off those Kit-Kat’s next week, come back to RBO and sign up for class. Your adagio might be a little spooky at first, but at least that’s something that we can fix!

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Happy Halloween RBO family.

Written by Nicole Powers (@nikki.powers)

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