Everyday Tips for Ballet Class

Class is a dancer’s foundation. Without ballet class, we dancers would not be prepared for the rigorous schedules that are demanded of us! Ballet class builds strength, technique, consistency, and stamina! Here are our top three things to motivate yourself every day in class!

1) Personality in your dancewear/accessories!

As simple as this may seem, what I wear in class and how I present myself makes a huge difference in my class performance and all-around attitude! If your studio requires a uniform, maybe try a different hairstyle/accessories to be more personalized! If you are allowed to wear as you please, I love getting new leotards that fit my personality. Nothing feels better than walking into the dance room with a new leotard that makes you feel confident and stylish! The possibilities are endless with so many cute skirts, and leotards to choose from! Check out these few websites I love!

Discount DanceWear

Eleve Dancewear

Gaynor Minden

2) Feeling the music!

Using the music as your motivation! Class is repetitive and keeps a consistent vibe. As we must maintain technique there is only so many times we can do plies before they can sometimes become boring. I love to use the music in class to motivate and to put in a bit of my personality with class! Especially when the class uses classical ballet songs! I pretend as though I am living the part of dancing on stage at that moment! Make every combination count!

3) Inspirational Dancers / Role Models

Find dancers that inspire you and motivate you as you dance! I love to go on Instagram and Youtube to watch my role models take class, perform onstage, and so forth! By watching these dancers, keeps my mind fresh and highly encouraged to move as they do! Some of my favorite dancers currently watch are

Maria Khoreva Instagram @marachok,

Ksenia Zhiganshina @zhiganshina_ksenia,

and of course my favorite prima ballerinas,

Svetlana Zakharova @Svetlana_Zakharova_offical

Marianela Nunez @MarianelaNunezOfficial just to name a few!

I hope you enjoyed today’s blog and this helps inspire you the next time you walk into the classroom!

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