Dancing Through a Pandemic

Dancing through a pandemic as serious as Covid-19 is something the dance community has never experienced. As dancers we train our bodies not only physically but mentally and emotionally everyday. Consistency in classes & training are key to staying in shape, and injury free in a dancers life. An artist needs a canvas to paint, but what happens when our dance studio gets stripped away from us? Kitchens become dance studios, chairs & tables become barres, and the rest is up to us to self motivate and keep pushing forward, waiting for the day we can once again do a proper grand allegro on a sprung marley dance floor. Some studios are fortunate enough to be holding in studio classes but some dancers still remain at home pushing and training harder than ever to stay in top dancer shape.

Through everything us dancers have gone through in the last 4 months, I myself have been on both ends virtually taking and also teaching classes. Our dance community on social media has a strong presence and seeing so many talented, professional worldwide dancers coming together to teach virtual classes and share their knowledge is truly inspirational.

This blog will be dedicated towards answering your questions about everything dance. From serious dance topics, to tutorials, dance classes, and the history of Russian “Vaganova” Ballet, we are looking forward to having our dance community grow a little bit bigger with us. Here at Russian Ballet Orlando, we plan to keep on dancing from now to forever and hope you'll join us on this journey.


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