Dancing Through a Pandemic Physically. Mentally. Emotionally

The last 4 months have felt like a rollercoaster. Everyday hoping and wishing for better news. How do we stay positive and self motivated? What are some of your issues & thoughts on a physical, mental and emotional standpoint?

Mentally, this has been a nice reset for my brain and time to focus on myself personally and most importantly remembering just to breathe. We all cope differently and struggle to keep ourselves sane during such uncertain times. But how do we push through? A common issue i've personally experienced is falling off of a schedule. When we fall off, it is very easy to become overwhelmed with free time. Managing free time has helped me stay on track, consistent with training and motivated to eat healthy and feel strong everyday.

Emotionally it is very easy to get caught up in our feelings and allow them to overtake us. Positivity is the key, and it is OK to sometimes mess up and have off days where you dont do anything, and just relax and have fun!

Physically, this has got to be the most frustrating part we are dealing with. Fortunately studios are opening but there are still so many dance facilities that are still forced to stay closed or even shut down permanently. Our dance studio is our HOME, and where we come to express ourselves, train, and be a part of our dance families. When this is stripped away times can be tough, but there are ways to stay in shape and still engage with our studio families and even meet new dancers as well!

Let me know what you think of the ideas below and if you have anything to add to the conversation, or would like to send a message, we will discuss this on Friday! Id, love to open up and really start uniting as a dance community.

1. If you are looking for a dance studio and are comfortable with attending classes, look online for who is open and what is being offered. Most dance schools have their social media updated and are very open about new students and eager to find the best suited option for classes. Dont be afraid to ask questions. Adult dance classes are also great way to get in shape and are usually offered at a drop in price.

2. There are still plenty of virtual options available worldwide, leaving the world as your oyster. Between social media platforms, and also youtube you can virtually find anything you crave. Youtube is a great way to explore at home workouts that can be easily done with household items. Many professional dancers, and dance schools hold virtual classes. Be sure to check if the classes are you just following an instructor, or if you're able to get one -on-one corrections.

3. Staying connected with your friends is also an important part. If you are not able to attend your studio, facetime a friend, get a group together virtually and try different workouts or even classes! Some other ideas include meeting up maybe in a park, or outside area where you can attend these classes together while distancing and being safe. Fresh air is healthy and gives you a change of pace from being stuck at home.

4. Lastly, diet is extremely important. I myself have had many battles with this, but more about that another day. Try switching it up and try new recipes. Cooking can be a lot of fun, especially when you explore how many different healthy options there are! A healthy body, creates a healthy mind. One of my favorite instagrams to follow for clean eating is @cleaneatz check out her page! Really awesome food ideas!!

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