5 Reasons Russian Ballet Orlando Is Different

(1) The Vaganova Method: One of the orginals, and the classic “Russian Method” of training. The Vagonova method of ballet instruction is widely different than other methods of ballet training. 

Did you know that there are six!? Yes, six! The Vagonova Method, Cecchetti Method, The French School, English Style, Bournoville Method and the American Style (or otherwise known as, The Balanchine Method) 

The Vaganova Method taught at RBO will help prevent injuries, and strengthen your technique and physicality without overworking certain muscle groups. Most likely your favorite Ballet dancers learned by this method (think Svetlana Zakharova, and Baryshnikov), and it continues to be one of the most revered methods of ballet training.

(2) RBO has up to 30 performances per year!! Wait, what...? THIRTY? Yes, thirty. When I was growing up taking ballet, we were lucky to do The Nutcracker, and maybe a spring recital (bleh!). So, when I left my studio my entire classical ballet resumé consisted of: The Nutcracker.

At RBO, even if you just stay for a year, you can expect to leave with more than The Nutcracker on your ballet resumé. You may not realize how important that is until, it’s your first season in the corps de ballet, and the Artistic Director expects you to know the in’s and out’s of how to play a Village Girl in Coppélia. Not only do you not know the variation, but you’ve never even seen the ballet!

So, don’t take that risk! RBO will not only broaden your knowledge of the ballet’s that built the classical repertoire, but will prepare you for your future as a professional ballet dancer (Oh, that brings me to #3!) 

(3) Katerina, and the teachers are totally incredible! How often can you walk into a professional school/company and go to check-in for class and see and talk to the Artistic Director? Let me help you out...Uh...Never! In all the studio’s, and companies I have visited and danced at, never was an Artistic Director available, and actually willing to have a conversation with you.

Not at RBO. Katerina Fedotova is always willing to talk, that is if she’s not teaching! Walk right in and you will probably see Katerina chatting it up with students, parents, and company members! Jealous? Don’t be, come on in and see for yourself. 

Not to mention there are a few other teachers worth talking about! Any class you take at RBO, expect to be taught from industry professionals, and truly caring instructors. 

(4) Do you even Nutcracker, though? Oh, do they ever! Expect most ballet studios to have a nutcracker performance, or two. But, here at RBO, we have a 10 performance Nutcracker tour between Miami, Orlando, and Tampa, and we always finish the tour at the annual Nutcracker show at Lake Eola park. It’s really incredible! Last year I bundled up (it was under 50 degrees) and watched the show at Lake Eola. All of the seats were filled, and people were standing almost to the street!

(5) Come to RBO for a ballet class, make it a home! Okay, not literally make it your home. We don’t have dormitories (not yet at least). But, this studio is more than just a place to pointe your toes, it’s a family environment.

A lot of studios may use that term, “family-environment” loosely, but here at RBO you can tell that right away. From the moment you walk in and see a smiling Artistic Director (not common), to your reverence at the end of your first class. 

Don’t believe me? Have a look for yourself! 

Written by Nicole Powers (@nikki.powers)

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