Madison Braaksma

Company Dancer

Madison Braaksma is a Company Dancer joining the Russian Ballet Company in its first season. She was born July 1997 and has enjoyed training with The Paris Opera Ballet, The Royal Ballet, American Ballet Theatre NYC, The Georgia BalletJoffrey Ballet NY, and the Kansas City Ballet. She has worked professionally with the Kansas City Ballet Second Company and the Ballet Palm Beach. Madison has enjoyed performing roles such as Doll, Lead Marzipan, Snow Corps and Flower Corps in Colleen Smith’s The Nutcracker, Summer Fairy in Colleen Smith’s Cinderella, Tiger Lily Tribe in Devon Carney’s Peter Pan, Snow Corps and Flower Corps in Devon Carney’s The Nutcracker, Women of Verona in Devon Carney’s Romeo and Juliet, Black Shadow in Parrish Maynard Fractals, and more.