Belly Dancing Instructor


Lacey Sanchez began her journey into Tribal Belly dance at the age of 15 in Southern California. Her love for this beautiful art form was immediate, the thrill of live drums and dancing with her sisters was inspiring. She took this love for the dance through high school and pursued a dance degree in college. She studied many forms of dance including Ballet, Jazz, Modern, and Ballroom. However, Lacey sustained an injury that would prevent her from ever pursuing a career in classical dance. To her surprise though, because Belly Dance is best danced barefoot her doctor encouraged her to continue Belly dancing.

Lacey then traveled cross country from California to Central Florida where she was exposed to the large community of Cabaret Belly dancers in Florida. Lacey then spent four years studying, teaching, and performing classical Cabaret Belly dance in Florida as well as in Southern California. It was in her last trip to California where her original love for Tribal Belly dance was re-ignited. Lacey then made the decision that she wanted to bring her experience and love of Tribal Belly dance to Florida. So she began Florida Tribal Dance in November of 2006 for just that reason.

Lacey has a deep passion for teaching, whether in the classroom, in a workshops, or online, she lives for the thrill of learning and watching dancers of all levels flourish!

Lacey completed the FatChance Bellydance General Skills Certification in June 2009 as well as Teacher Training in 2017. Lacey completed and passed the necessary requirements and testing for Phases I, II, and III of Rachel Brice's 8 Elements program. She also completed and passed her Teacher Training in October 2019 and became a Certified Datura Style Instructor.