For Moms any ages with kids between 18 months old and 3 years old.

As is well known, Ballet and Dance in general bring so many benefits to the lives of those who practice any of its forms. We also know that being a parent is a blessing that requests planning, sacrifice and time, parents commonly forget about their own lives to take care of their children´s.

Sometimes it is very difficult for a father or mother to find a place where kids can play, being taken care of while they can train, cultivate a healthy live or simply enjoy exercising while taking care of their kid. Yes, the MomZONE program of the RBO gives you freedom for 2 hour a day, you can choose whether to let your son or daughter play, dance, play instruments or more while you rest or take a Yoga class while your kid is right next to you dancing with a teacher or sleeping in the baby carriage.

A monthly fee will allow any parent to come for 2 hours to our facilities and choose what suits best for them and their kids.

This zone will be open from 10 am until 6 pm, includes PlayDate and MomFit programs which are designed for kids from 18 months old up until 3 years old and moms that are interested in exercising taking Pilates, Yoga or dance classes.

This zone is starting next February 2018, be one of the first to enroll.

For more information please contact us.