Dancing through JEFRË: POINTS OF CONNECTION at the Orlando Museum of Arts

"JEFRË: Points of Connection is the public artist’s first solo museum exhibition featuring large-scale multimedia sculptures and installations that have become the hallmark of his artistic practice. Experimenting with new materials and technologies, JEFRË activates public spaces in ways that transform the urban landscape and bring people together to enjoy a common experience.” Orlando Museum of Arts Website.

Russian Ballet Orlando and I had the opportunity to dance throughout the immersive installations created by JEFRË. Many dance studios & other cultural organizations were apart of this project.

RBO performed the Waltz of the Flowers from The Nutcracker in the “Lots of Room”

This is an interactive installation: Each of the fifteen heads of the installation contains one of these empowering words in a different language. On the floor beneath each head is a QR code. Capture this with your phone’s camera and follow the prompt on the screen. The program will pronounce each word in the language displayed and provide an English translation.

I myself performed The SugarPlum fairy variation throughout the “INSTALLATION VIEW OF BÄKS SERIES IN "JEFRË: POINTS OF CONNECTION"”

Performing in Pointe Shoes and changing choreography was difficult, as the floors are not meant for Pointe work, but as a professional adaptations must be made.

Robert Fratacci of “Fratacci Productions” was my videographer and turned this idea into reality. Videoing and just dancing are two completely different things. This was my first tie performing in something like this and was a new experience for me.

We did many different video takes, making this more exhausting than just performing the dance in one shot. I had to repeat many of the shots multiple times to be able to create the vision in which was produced.

I cannot be more excited to present what we created alongside JEFRË’S work.

I had such a wonderful experience, and hope to collaborate more with him in the future!

Robert Fratacci :


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