Coppélia: About the Show

Updated: Sep 21, 2019

This comedic ballet is about a young man named Franz who is caught up by the beauty of Coppélia, the daughter of the mysterious Dr. Coppélius. He and his fiancé, Swanhilda, and her friends sneak into Dr. Coppélius’ home where Franz is caught. Swanilda hides and discovers that Coppélia is actually a life-sized doll. When Dr. Coppélius tries to cast a spell to transfer Franz’s life into Coppélia so that she will come to life, the hiding Swanhilda decides to impersonate the doll to allow them to escape. The ballet ends in celebration, full of lively dances and excitement at the wedding of Franz and Swanhilda.

Which part of this ballet are you most excited about?

Photo Credit: Royal New Zealand Ballet

HISTORY OF THE SHOW: Coppélia premiered in the year 1870 in France, adapted from E.T.A. Hoffmann’s work Der Sandmann. Composer Léo Delibes and choreographer Arthur Saint-Léon were the major contributors to this famous comedic ballet. Since its premiere, adaptations by Marius Petipa, Cecchetti, and Ivanov have followed and performances by world-renowned companies such as The Royal Ballet, Paris Opera Ballet, NYCB, the Australian Ballet, and the Bolshoi Ballet.

Russian Ballet Orlando is so excited to join this list and to share with you our rendition of Coppélia on October 10th!

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