Character Spotlight: Coppélia

Our pre-professional student, Oceane will be playing Coppélia in our upcoming production. She says, “I am so excited to play the part of Coppelia because it will be one of my first in-depth character roles and I am so excited for the opportunity to delve Into a different persona. This will also be my first time playing the part of a doll-like figure and I am very excited to learn how to convey such a character differently.”

Photo credit: Houston Ballet

Oceane is looking forward to playing Coppélia because of the ways it will help her grow as a dancer. “I feel that I have become very comfortable with the smiling village girl persona and I look forward to being a stationary doll,” she says, "and this will help me as a dancer because it will teach me to effectively understand how to switch between characters and personas while maintaining the realism and heightening the reality.”

Photo credit: New York City Ballet


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