Ballet Class Étiquette

For todays motivation Monday, I wanted to share basic Ballet Etiquette to follow in the classroom! I remember as child how these rules were installed in us from a young age, and how we must follow them every class! If you have any tips to add to the list please comment below! Id love to hear more.

1) Late Arrival

I myself, always was on-time for class. My mother insisted its better to be early and wait than be late. On the occasion though, sometimes it would happen and we would have to follow a strict protocol for being allowed into the classroom.

  1. Do not enter the room if the music is playing or if dancers are in the middle of the combination. Dancers must wait outside of the door and knock to be allowed into the classroom. Walking in a classroom when the music is playing, or if the combination is being danced is a major distraction and also considered disrespectful to your teachers and classmates. After knocking and being allowed in, bow and excuse yourself. As students, we had to say "sorry we are late, may we please join class." Almost, always we were allowed in :)

2) Barre Etiquette

When standing at the barre you must follow certain Ettiquette as well.

  1. No leaning or hanging on the barre.

  2. Whenever switching from right to left side you must turn towards the barre. Never turn your back to your barre. The barre is treated as your "partner" in dance. Turning your back to your "partner" is disrespectful. You must always treat the barre with care and respect.

  3. If you are attending a class for the first time and are with students that have been taking, please mind your matters and let the other students take their place at the barre first. Most teachers will guide you where to stand.

3) Classroom Etiquette.

Lastly, Id like to talk about how to know where to stand and navigate in the center.

  1. If you are joining a class with older students or of a higher level, always let them go in front of you in center and the first group. Seniority is important, the same thing applies as going across the floor. Allow the more professional students to go ahead, and wait your turn.

  2. If you do have any questions, and need to use the restroom please raise your and to be excused. It is best to wait and go during break if possible. If you do need to leave, always walk throughout the back of the room and never throughout of the front of the room. It is considered disrespectful.

  3. Lastly please make sure to always thank your teacher at the end of class.

I hope you enjoyed reading todays ballet etiquette.

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