Ballet is not only about beauty, in fact in order to get it, first there is work in a study to do in the fields of: technique, methodology, expression, acting, studying theory of ballet, ballet history, researching, repertoire, nutrition, kinanthropometry, kinesiology, mode history, costume designs specifications and requirements, French language knowledge, music theory and musicality, psychology and health, all these to mention some. At the Russian Ballet of Orlando there is always the opportunity to learn and be more involved in the Ballet World, that is why we offer the option to become a Patron, this way you will be informed about every activity, performance, presentation, workshop, etc;  that the RBO has planned to the open public that can make you enjoy and understand more about Ballet and why it is the way it is. 




Bernardo is a well known plastic artist, who as a painter has beautifully portrayed many of the members of our faculty. Some of his masterpieces decorate our walls.