Let's become partners, the RBO has many benefits to bring to you and your brand, our Pre-Professional Ballet Company performs every year 5 different ballets average which means that there are about 20 shows in a year with audiences between 400 to 600 people every show. This means total audience of 10.000 people without mentioning social media followers and subscribers.

We are a 500 people Family with 7500sf facility Downtown Orlando available for private events and activities. Our warehouse holds more than 1000 costumes, backdrops and props that are available for any organization interested in partnering with our company and brand.

If you are interested or would like more information about this program, please write us. 


This real estate company has supported RBO whenever real estate is been needed, they found our actual location building and guided our staff members when help in this matter is been required. 

IAPA seeks to make the underprivileged children the catalyst to a better world through the learning of the performing arts online, uniting the nations through the arts.