Fitness eXperience


Instructor led and created. This hour-long format allows for a variety of training modes and intensities with a common theme of circuit style training, be it time or rep-based movements, while emphasizing enhanced functional movement.

FORCE = Mass * Acceleration

Strength based movement in an endurance modality, while minimizing the low weight trade-off for a high rep emphasis.

ACCELERATION = Velocity over Time

Cardiovascular focused movement, with an emphasis on building endurance and aerobic recovery.

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every Saturday at 7:00 & 8:15AM

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POWER = Force * Velocity


Explosive, plyometric movements, requiring clearly defined rest periods between bouts of maximum speed, agility, and coordination training.

Founded by local Fitness Professional, skilled in Anatomy and Kinesiology, Tim Powell is an expert in multiple fitness training modalities including Steady State, HIIT, Tabata Intervallic Training, Core & Flexibility, Heart Rate Training, Strength, and Fitness Assessment and holds many certifications in a wide range of disciplines. As a role model in the field for over 18 years, he has led hundreds of undergrads through personal fitness development in academic lecture and lab courses for credit with UCF and has mentored dozens in the fields of fitness instruction. His leadership experience includes management and training positions with Orange Theory Fitness and the Central Florida YMCA, giving him a unique insight into the fitness landscape

Fitness eXperience